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The Daily Wake Up is a 10 minute work out for the body and mind.  There is a brand new video every single day so the children are kept engaged whilst learning at the same time. With a mixture of fun body dance fitness and revitalising mind and soul exercises, we really can guarantee to wake up every child and get them prepared for learning with, most importantly, a smile on their face.

“Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles right back at you”

Each day, there is a different theme to kickstart the session.
  • Fitness – An energising wake up for the body through fitness and fun exercises to get the blood circulating round the body.
  • Dance – A simple routine of street dance movements that works the body and mind and definitely gets you smiling.
  • Tongue Twisters – Revitalise the brain with tantalising tongue twisters.
  • Brain exercises – Exercises to wake up the brain including opposite movements and memory games.
  • Body percussion – A sequence of tapping, clapping, stomping and clicking using your body as an instrument.
  • Massage – Massaging parts of your body by using touch to stimulate the nerves and encourage blood flow.
  • Affirmations – Repeating affirmations to encourage children to feel positive about themselves.
After a pilot run during lockdown when we were unable to reach our members with after school dance, we decided to offer sessions one zoom to the key worker children in class and one day we received a letter full of messages, from all the children telling us how much they loved it – it and it was at this point that ’The Daily Wake Up’ was born.
“It’s such a fantastic way to start the day when a smiling Zak gets us ready for school with a huge boost of energy’
“It’s so much fun and Zak is really funny too”
“I love the body percussion and I love adding to it day by day”

“Sometimes I feel tired in the morning but the massage wakes up my body”

If you like it, then you can sign up for £50 per month or £500 for the year.

Brand new videos every day by logging onto our website and clicking on the correct day and week. Each week the videos will change and you will have your own personal school login.
At the end of each year, you will receive a certificate showing how many steps your school has clocked up over the year !
Based on one child moving for 10 minutes, is equivalent to 1000 steps which is equivalent to 2km per session.
One Form Entry School
210 children = 420 km per day, 2100 km per week, 84,000 km per school year – that’s twice round the world.
Two Form Entry School
420 children = 840 km per day, 4200 km per week, 168,000 km per school year – that’s four times round the world.
Please register your school here:
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1200km pw

km accumulated pw


students per week