The BASE will provide primary school children access to whole-body education and learning towards becoming physically and mentally fit for life. Through mentoring, therapy, selfcare, mindfulness, movement, dance and meditation, the base will provide preventative and restorative measures in a safe, nurturing and engaging way.

“a soul without emotions is like a car without petrol”

 a child during a group discussion at BASE

Body and Soul Education (BASE)

  • Preventative & restorative mentoring – research indicates that children who have mentors have increased school successes and are less likely to engage in violent, anti social behaviour.
  • BASE aims to support the lives of children aged 5-11 in overcoming barriers to achieving their full potential by addressing their social, cultural, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.
  • Parental Involvement – We believe that in order to achieve sustainable change, parents have a vital role to play in their child’s development and progress at school and as such, parents will be integral in supporting their child’s participation within the group as and when needed.
  • Positive Actions for Change – In addition, our aim is that every young person within the group should be encouraged and empowered to raise their achievement in school through positive actions for change and through the different programmes and experiences offered within a supportive structure.
  • Empowerment – We want young people attending the group to be empowered to change and grow through the use of a variety of topical areas in line with general and individual needs (topics will be adjusted to be age-appropriate).
  • Referral & Assessment – school welfare team, school teacher, parents and child all play an integral role in establishing the right pathway for every individual.
  • Format – (Some examples) 1-2-1, group work, friendship groups, health groups, gender groups, LGBTQ groups, sexual health groups, confidence building group, innovation groups.

We are currently providing this service in the following locations: