Streetz Ahead are now based at Richard House Children’s Hospice, two to three days a week. We provide children with the opportunity to explore and develop a deeper understanding in physical and mental health. The project is called BASE (Body and Soul Education).

The BASE will provide children and young people access to a range of activities that they may struggle to access in the community. These activities focus on adding to the child’s quality of life, and working with the child to promote exploration, building communication, and expression of their feelings through play, music, dance, and art. Our ethos is child-centred, so we focus on giving the child as much of an opportunity to choose and express what they might be experiencing at the time.

Alongside Richard House, we focus on providing opportunities for the child and the family to create new memories to be able to look back on. At Richard House, we have a Play Specialist/Supervisor and a Dance Movement Psychotherapist that the children can engage with.

Why is BASE useful?
We all have good days and bad days. Every day, we face challenges and new situations. This can trigger many emotions and sometimes, we do not know how to deal with how we are feeling. BASE offers a safe space for the community to talk through how they are feeling and help find ways to be able to cope with life’s many challenges.
What does BASE do?
The BASE team work with children one-to-one or in small groups, giving regular support for pupils who need it. Children can also book a short appointment to talk about any problems or worries they have – this is called Touching BASE.

How does BASE work with adults?
BASE always gets agreement from parents and carers before they support a child through one-to-one therapy. BASE provides support and advice for parents and carers, as well as staff. They meet with parents and carers regularly to keep them updated and make sure they are involved from the start. BASE is there to build confidence and self-esteem through different approaches, tailored to the needs of each individual.
We have become quite a fantastic team with the excellent staff at Richard House, so to best work with the children and the families to provide a safe, fun and meaningful experience.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Angela Petrou, our Play Supervisor. Angela works on Thursdays, Fridays and/or Saturdays. You can arrange a chat by calling the reception at Richard House, or email her at
“BASE provide a range of regular activities for our service users which bring fun alongside learning and developing of skills.
Creative therapies through play, music, dance and art are used to promote the child/ yp use of communication skills and build on their coping strategies. A safe environment provides a space to express feelings and have a distraction from their own pain, anxiety or confusion around their diagnosis.
BASE have been on site at RH since September 3 days per week.
They provide both 1:1 and group sessions to children / yp in residence as well as to service users that wish to have a regular drop in session.
In our clinical setting BASE are able to bring some fun and excitement for service users to not only play and express themselves but to make lasting memories for their parents and siblings to cherish at a later stage of their diagnosis or after death.
Clinical staff have the opportunity to develop their own skills by working alongside BASE to provide activities and a non- judgemental space for service users.
The Hospice has since BASE joined us become a brighter, more child centred and focused environment.
The children’s/ yp art work can be displayed , sounds of laughter along with music, stories and singing can be witnessed and a more welcoming hospice providing short break respite is again visual after the restrictions in place during the pandemic.”
– Carol Butwell, STaR Team Manager
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