Our aim is to inspire young people to realize their potential and build their confidence through the power of dance and the magic of performance.


Our charity status means that through funding and sponsorship we are able to offer a cultivating experience at affordable rates including scholarships. In addition, we value individual needs and offer extended classes for the gifted and talented and smaller groups for those who need more attention.


Streetz Ahead has drastically changed its way of communicating to parents and people involved in the last few years. We use mail chimp for our correspondence to parents. We send text messages and email reminders. We offer an online booking and registration service. We also offer online booking for our shows. Registers are taken via our online database so that printing is completely minimised. When we do print important documents for parents, we print black and white and back-to- back and we ensure all of our staff are aware of our environmental policies and procedures.


We value the journey of each and every student. We are devoted in fostering pathways for students who have been with us for many years and we are proud to endorse that our dancers have gone on to further their education and careers at The Brit School, The Place, Italia Conti, Zoonation, Royal Ballet etc. What’s more exciting is that we continue to develop our relationship with our students who take part in our work experience programmes, apprenticeship schemes, BTECs and some even become our teachers.