Streetz Ahead is committed to high standards of Health and Safety to create a safe working environment. It is the responsibility of the appropriate designated person/company is to ensure that their staff are conversant with this document and briefed accordingly.

Company Management

All users and managers must fully observe and comply with Streetz Ahead policies; conform to all written and verbal instructions given to them to ensure their personal safety and the safety of others; Report all accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences to a member of staff; make themselves and their company aware of the fire and evacuation procedures.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of fire or other emergency situation occurring, the studio or venue must be evacuated as a first priority. All fire exits within the venue are clearly signed. Fire equipment is located throughout the building and must not be moved or tampered with. Company members should make themselves familiar with their nearest fire exits upon arrival. Refuge points are located on all levels within the venue and are identified in key fire exit routes. Streetz Ahead staff will ensure that all areas are evacuated in a safe and calm manner. Any instructions by Streetz Ahead staff must be immediately adhered to. All persons must proceed to the assembly point to be accounted for and to ensure free access for emergency vehicles in front of the main entrance.

On Discovering a Fire

Raise the alarm by striking the nearest manual call point or alerting a member of staff; evacuate the building by the nearest fire exit.

Evacuation Procedure

On hearing an alarm, all persons should immediately leave the building by the nearest fire exit; those unable to use the staircases, should proceed to the nearest Refuge Point; Proceed to the nominated Assembly Point and await instructions from staff.

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Risk Assessments

All activities within the venue must be risk assessed in accordance with Health & Safety Legislation. It is the company’s responsibility to provide a detailed risk assessment for their event, which must be provided to Streetz Ahead prior to the event in order for our staff to assess the safety and conditions of the potential risks involved.

First Aid/Accidents

Streetz Ahead has first aiders on site who are trained to administer First Aid when appropriate. Streetz Ahead staff have basic first aid kits but First Aid Boxes are usually located in the reception area. If an accident occurs please contact a member of staff immediately so that a member of the first aid team can deal with the incident.

Health & Safety

All equipment must have a current valid safety certificate, which conforms to Safety Regulations of the Electrical Institute of Great Britain, and suitable British Standards may be used on the premises.

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