Streetz Ahead are on the Haringey Youth Festival (HYF) board with Collage Arts, Jacksons Lane and Haringey Shed. We have spent the year planning this years ‘HYF’, which due to COVID was delivered via zoom on Friday 30th October 2020.

The day consisted of Spoken Word, Physical Theatre and Body Percussion workshops.

Here are some of Streetz Ahead’s work from the Spoken Word session. The children had to create a piece entitled ‘The world is…..’:

The World Is…

The world is …..

Something that opens up, home sweet home.

The world is….

Everything that happened and then went by.

The world is ….

A blooming start of love.

The world is ….

Secrets hidden beneath your mind

By Kyra aged 10


The world is changing and gets reborn in spring

The world is helping my mum to juggle

The world is full of words which are untrue

The world is a large collection of music

By LJ aged 8


The world is full of darkness and can be made clear

The world is able to leave one place for another place

The world is able to see what is inside all of us.

The world is a collection of words & stories.

The world is full of different people all around us.

By Lexie aged 6


The world is a snip instead of a rip

The world is a breath of fun

The world surrounds us until we fall

The world is glorious and regal

The world is a big place we dream about

The world is a burst of anger

The world is a start of something

By Shamira aged 10


Then all the youth organisations that were in attendance watched each others acts, here is Streetz Ahead’s peformance choreographed by Zak Harry.



Well done to all the participants for another great year of learning and sharing all the fantastic work that these Haringey youth organisations do.