Taking GIANT DANCE STEPS to improving Lives

Streetz Ahead are amongst the second-round recipients for funding from THE MAYOR’S YOUNG LONDONERS FUND for their project DANCE GIANTS in building emotional resilience and wellbeing in young people’s lives.

100 children from Haringey schools (Earlsmead, Seven Sisters, Willow, St Francis & Risley) will be involved in Dance Giants; a street and breakdance mentoring programme for children aged between 9 – 14 year olds. The Dance Giants and Mentors will act as role models to the young people and they will share their own experiences of how the arts helped them overcome difficulties to make a success of their own lives.

Weekly activity sessions will involve high intensity breakdance and street dance training. Group mentoring sessions will build a toolbox of coping strategies and creative work will develop confidence and self-esteem. The young people will work towards an end of year production at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham to celebrate their achievements and progression. The fund will work with 100 children each year and run for 3 years.


“You are offering something positive that the kids can focus on without them feeling forced to confront their issues head on” Headteacher

“This was the one class my child loved attending”


‘You are doing physical activities, you are trying to engage them in something positive, you are sending them in the direction that will give them confidence in the future and something they can concentrate on– it’s a good idea.’

Akin Akinola, Centre Manager at Bruce Grove Youth Centre.


‘Dance Giants is a good idea. I want to connect it with my own children.’

PHD Post Graduate Researcher for Institute for Health and Human Development at the  East University of East London. (Ifeoma Elizabeth Dan-Ogosi)


‘Something really good to do, something they can get interested in, its going to build on their skills, if you are really interested in it, its going to build on skills and the training will help them with learning about hard work and discipline and they can progress through. Very good. It’s a really good idea.’

Police Officer

‘In this day and age, we are living in this local community, inner city estates, that kind of project is perfect because it gets young people to see beyond where they are, when I talk to young people, they just see beyond their front door’

Judy Ferguson Homes for Haringey


‘The whole idea behind dance giants is about teaching children how to deal with change and transition, how to communicate effectively when facing problems, how to deal with conflict resolution through movement by diffusing situations, being pro-active, about developing those softer skills which will equip young people to handle the challenges when they go from primary to secondary schools.’

Raising the participation Age Co-ordinator

‘It sounds like a really good project and concept and I very much like the idea of working with young people focused around early intervention and prevention, we kind of know in the borough actually one of the areas that we want to work around is positive activities for young people and once that are linked to the objectives around health and wellbeing so my initial reaction sounds like a really great project and I really think there is a push at the moment thinking about the activities outside of school that are available locally and also that are available in the holiday period.’ 

Helen Macdonald, Regeneration Team, Haringey Council




Streetz Ahead has been awarded an Impact Award from Haringey Council for Dance Giants for Improving the lives of young people 2018 – 2019.