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We run four types of subsidised street dance and performing arts courses; Open Club, School Club, Performing Arts Club and Dance Giants.

Classes run during term time in a relaxed and fun environment without the pressure of exams and competitions; instead, we work towards full scale musical showcases in community theatres like Arts Depot, Millfield Theatre and The Bernie Grant Arts Centre.

This term, we have adapted our provision by introducing a Wellbeing Journal and an Arts Award.

As a result of lockdown and the extra strain it may have placed on young people, we have designed and developed a journal to be used alongside weekly dance club. So our aim is to not only instigate creativity through physical fitness, the booklet gives wellbeing tools and strategies to help maintain the mental fitness of every one of our participants.


In the 8 weeks we will be teaching our usual dance classes, learning a routine for the term and in addition we will be offering an accredited Discovery Arts Award. This will run over two terms and the cost of the award will be included in this terms price.

We work in deprived areas of Haringey and Enfield partnering with 10 schools a year and working with 500 children and young people each week to develop their skills and passion for street dance and performance while also developing their fitness, teamwork, confidence and self esteem.

Our teaching methods focus on developing self-confidence and inner strength. We provide pathways for young people to continue their passion in the PA by providing work experience in dance assisting, backstage management and arts administration.

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