As a leading North London dance and performing arts charity with over 20 years of experience, we offer weekly training and development opportunities in street dance, drama, music, fitness, dance and mindfulness alongside backstage skills to over 400 young people every week.

Our passionate teachers have a commitment to encouraging the talents of young people and are dedicated to empowering and equipping them with invaluable skills that only the arts and wellbeing can give.

We are unique in that we work towards 2-3 large-scale productions each year giving the participants the best opportunities for building confidence and developing their performance experience.

Our charity status means that through funding and sponsorship we are able to offer an enriching experience at affordable rates and for those who need them, we have scholarships available. Valuing the needs of the individual means that we also offer extended classes for the gifted and talented and smaller groups for those who need more attention.

We appreciate the journey of each and every student.  We are devoted to fostering pathways for students who have been with us for many years and our proud endorsement comes through the fact that our dancers have gone on to further their education and careers at The Brit School, The Place, Italia Conti, Zoonation, Royal Ballet – to name but a few. What is more exciting is that we continue to develop our relationship with students who take part in our work experience programmes, apprenticeship schemes and some even go on to become our teachers.

Take a look at some of the journeys of our Streetz Ahead family: