Work Experience


Streetz Ahead is a unique organisation offering young people an experience of dance and performance in an environment that is safe, secure and inspiring. Joining the Streetz Ahead family instills a long-term passion for dance and performance. We work hard to establish pathways for young people to continue their interest after they leave education: in work experience, apprenticeships, teaching roles and stage management. We encourage our teenagers, many of whom have been with us for many years, to apply for these roles and our team now consists of previous and current Streetz Ahead students. The great strengths of this organisation are its sustainable structure in offering pathways towards achieving careers in dance and performance.

Streetz Ahead offers Work Experience weeks to secondary schools in Haringey & Enfield. A typical week consists of Drama, Dance, Stage Management, Lighting, Filming, Special Effects make up and they will complete the course with a live performance.



For further information please contact us at or on 07956 987 387.