Street Feet Testimonials

Dear Streetz Ahead Olivia and Elizabeth once again thoroughly enjoyed the Street Feet show – both my children aged 8 and 9 loved taking part.  My youngest daughter was really nervous before the show but afterwards wanted to do it all over again.  Streetz Ahead helps to build my children’s confidence and also helps them bond together by practicing the routines at home. As parents we feel soooooo proud watching them take part in the shows (cheering too loud at times😄). Thank you. Pauline (Kuba & Kheppie’s Mum)

Hi Olivia, Just wanted to congratulate you on the ‘Happy Feet’ dance event. We travelled from North Yorkshire to see our grandson, Arlo Perks, and it was well worth it to see the joy on the faces of all the participants. How you managed without a full dress rehearsal I will never know!. I hope you keep producing these events and look forward to our next visit. Well done Best regards, Ian Nash

Firstly just to say the performance on Sunday was brilliant and Lily really enjoyed it.  Lily has struggled with her confidence when performing in front of an audience and we did have a few wobbles and tears when I dropped her off on Sunday.  But that was quickly overcome when she joined her group and to see her on stage enjoying herself was amazing – so thank you!

Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic show. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed being part of it, a big confidence boost for her. Karen (Mum)

Wonderful community spirit. Every child smiles, looks happy, proud and confident. Many of the participants would never get to experience those feelings or have the opportunities provided without Streetz Ahead. A fantastic show, smiling from beginning to end. Every child should get to join in the magic of Streetz Ahead. Thank you and keep going!! xxx

‘Thanks you so much for the show, it was really nice having all the kids together from different schools, for this great performance!’

‘I would just like to thank you all for your hard work with all the children in the run up to & during the shows. ‘

‘My daughter Ruby Lacey absolutely loves her time dancing with you. In the 2 & 1/2 years you have been teaching her, I have seen her confidence grow with each year. Every time she hears great music she is up dancing. I can’t thank you enough. It is so important to get youngsters feeling confident about themselves. This you have achieved with Ruby’. Thank you again. Great show today.’

‘Thank you for the wonderful performance.’

The show ‘Street Feet’ was so enjoyable! The children done an amazing job of pulling all their characters off and bringing them to life for us. The level of humour was great. Fun for all the family 🙂 My daughter attends Streetz Ahead for dance on Tuesdays. Through this programme, she has become a much more confident girl and her ability in dance has improved over each new term. I am so glad she is able to be a part of something which she enjoys, but is also very rewarding for her. Thank you to Olivia and Elizabeth who always provide us with a great show to watch and for all their hard work throughout the programme.

Great show. Great to see how inclusive and diverse Streetz Ahead are. Helping children to gain confidence and self esteem in their ability. Excellent value for money. Thank you for all your hard work.

The children’s  performance was  excellent.  Enjoyed  the  show.  Regards.  Laurell. Davis.

It was a brilliant show. Martha absolutely loved it. It’s great to see her grow in confidence with each performance. I love seeing the kids get up on stage and give it some welly! How amazing was the penguin! Thank you so much.

Thanks for the great show and all your hard work. Eren and Selin. Xx

What an amazing show..I’ve been to milfield theatre before and seen many different shows but this was by far the best. The kids were brilliant they looked as if they were having such a good time on stage!! All of the children worked so hard in such a short space of time, this time 2months ago my boys would never of had the confidence to of got on the stage!!

Thank you all for the patience and the time while teaching..looking forward to watching another in the future.. Thank you Elizabeth and Olivia xxx

Nothing inspires Leo’s confidence, creativity and passion for performance and dancing more than Streetz Ahead and performing arts club. He feels like part of a stage school family and we are very grateful for the positive impact these experiences have had on him.

That was BRILLIANT!!

Well done to everyone involved. Loved it!!!

I’ve never seen my daughter Leelou happier and more confident than tonight!!! Thank you so much! You are amazing!

Great show; our 3 children took part together; they’ve grown in confidence over their time at Streetz Ahead and thoroughly enjoy it.

Seen the Streetz Ahead shows for almost 10 years now and seen kids growing up in the show, growing in confidence, believing in themselves and performing their hearts out.  My kids love being part of the Streetz Ahead family, thank you so very much for your hard work time and time again!

Been great for my child’s confidence. She’s come a long way since she started. Thanks Streetz Ahead!

The street dance class has been fantastic for my son’s confidence and happiness (and with that behaviour). Our whole family is happier since he started coming. Thank you!

Great show as always!!! The really reasonable price allows Shamira to be part of the fabulous Street Ahead family. Without this we couldn’t afford the other organisations. Many thank. Maria

Streetz Ahead is a wonderful collective experience enhanced by great dancing and music! I love the spirit and energy and my son is becoming more confident expressing himself through dance.

Amazing as always. Both my kids were feeling nervous this morning but seeing them so confident on stage is so fantastic. The confidence streetz ahead gives kids is so important. Thanks Rebecca (Dylan and Mia at campsbourne) x

Street Feet — an amazing show! My child has been transformed by being involved with  Streetz Ahead: improved confidence, discipline and a real sense of achievement. Thank you!

Thank you Streetz Ahead for the brilliant job you do with our children, I have seen my daughter Stephanie’s confidence grow since she joined your classes, Demi x

Great to see how all the kids in the community work together on this performance!  They have really improved their skills,..and what passion!

Hi. Just seen the show you put on with the children. What a wonderful achievement! They looked like this meant so much to them and seemed to REALLY love what what they were doing. Keep up the excellent work!

Fantastic. Love seeing young people of all ages coming together to put on a wonderful show. Thanks for doing this for my niece and nephew and for allowing my son to see his cousins on stage. Xcxc.

Great show after such a short time rehearsal every child brilliant

Great challenge and very beneficial for our daughter.  Confidence, health and really enjoys it! Thanks!

Really enjoyed the show tonight. Great performance from everyone! Amazing job from the organisers!!!

Fantastic show , this has helped my daughter immensely. Am so proud of her confidence

The show was great. Well done!!

What a wonderful show Street Feet was this evening

We had such an amazing time and the classes are greatly enjoyed by our Son

The show was more then amazing.Well done for the hard work again.And I can’t find the right word to explain my feelings.Thanks again

Loved it!! The kids smashed it and can see how much fun they had. This can only be a good thing and gives them confidence! Thank you for all the hard work.

My daughters confidence has grown so much since she has been with Streetz Ahead. Thank you

Absolutely brilliant for confidence self esteem and team work while the most amount of fun.

Hi all, I just want to say, that was such an AMAZING show, it’s helped Amelie’s confidence so so much!!!! I’m so impressed with the entire event! We loved it xxxxxx can’t wait for the next one

It was amazing !! I’ve said this before but I will say again my nephew is non verbal so streets ahead has been so so fantastic for him and has helped him express himself and build his confidence

Fantastic show. Thank You very much

Hi Olivia. Thank you very much for the great show today.

We all enjoyed it. Hopefully you are going to continue the club at George Spicer. Alida (Arjon’s mum)

Hi Ladies, Well done!! Its was a good show and the children did very well. Angel had a good time. Wishing all goes well for this evening.

It was a heart warming experience  to watch.l saw a confidence in my daughter  that l don’t always witness. she seemed very happy and comfortable.thank you.Nicola Mulondjas mum. Tanya Malisa. l was very overwhelmed with pride.

Brilliant love Streetz ahead

Brilliant show yet again. Thank you so much for all the pleasure you give to my grandson, he loves it.

Thank you so much for your hard work. Rebecca loved it and it has boost her confidence  up. God bless you.

Great choreography, tracks and lots of team work. My son is one of the older ones now so love seeing him taking the lead!

Heather has loved her first term – built a lot of confidence and it was great to see her first show!

Well done on two brilliant shows. So much talent – adults and children x

What a fantastic performance!

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing classes you provide. This was Arlo’s first term with Streetz Ahead and he has counted down every week till his class on Friday! He absolutely loves it.

The confidence the children will gain from this is such a valuable life skill. Well done to everyone involved. Julie x

Thanks for another amazing show. Brilliant work, well done to everyone who organised it. Great performance by all the performers.

Street Feet Testimonials