Greatest Show on Earth Testimonials

‘I just wanted to give you and your team a Big Thank You, for the support you have given. On the night of the show i was absolutely amazed and overwhelmed by my child’s performance and all the other children. But seeing her appear so confident and happy on the stage make me know she is in the right hands and company. I Thank You so much and I’m looking forward to the next show x’

‘Absolutely amazing production- well done!’

‘Another great show. Congrats’

‘Congratulations again on a great show – it was fantastic! Gave me tears, chills and so much joy to watch!’

‘An absolutely fantastic performance by all the children 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻’

‘Very proud parent from osidge minis. We were both very impressed with the show. The fact you had managed to choreograph 6/7 year olds is very impressive’

‘What I liked the most was to see the older children who were quite clearly talented, some of those kids performances were spectacular. I see them as huge role models for my daughter to aspire too. The young Afro/Caribbean girl was simply sensational as were the 3 main boys’. However it’s unfair to single those 4 out as they were all great.’

‘I liked your speech about effort and just getting involved. Well done you, it’s clear that you are providing a 1st class service to all these kids. Well played you’

‘Great show today. Best so far.’

‘Wow what a show! One of the best Streetz Ahead have done! The little boy at the start was brilliant!

‘I had tears in my eyes at certain points esp the bearded lady song who was fab too!’ 

‘The kids you work with are so lucky to be part of Streetz Ahead with both you and Liz organising it all! Well done to you and the rest of the team involved too. It was a fab show! Xxx’

Excellent show! Phillip was amazing!”

‘I LOVED that show. The first 5 mins was the best opening of a SA show that I have ever seen. Lovely to hear beautiful pure children’s voices singing. Amazing energy from everyone. Finale was full of love. Overall an amazing success’

‘WOW!! Love love LOVED the show. I saw every child have an amazing time. Every child seemed to shine. Beautiful. We left on such a high…. a sign of a great show. Xx’

‘Brilliant show love. Kids were soo so good xx’

‘Amazing as always. Really easy to follow the story as it followed the film so closely, it kept it flowing. So pleased that Dylan is still able to have a role in streetz ahead, he loves it! ‘

‘Absolutely amazing show. Every single one of my family and friends that came enjoyed it.’ 

‘It was incredible! What an amazing experience for the children too. They loved every minute of it. 12 hours and two shows later, they wanted to perform another one! Liz and Olivia, thank you, so very much, for realising your brilliant vision and truly caring for all the children participating xx’

‘Another fab production! Well done to all involved!’

‘Well done for an outstanding show. Wow! So so impressed with the way it was adapted & you have some really talented kids in your company. Wow.’

‘What an amazing performance last night! I can honestly say it was the best one yet! Well done to all the talented children, teachers and helpers, so fantastic to see them all grow and develop each term. Many thanks 👍x’

‘The show was amazing! Please pass on our thanks to Liz for all the hard work and to everyone invoved. I asked Maya is she was nervous and she said show day is the best day ever. Aparently you guys have the best time backstage! 😁 😘’

‘Well done! Grace had a great time on Sunday, do much so she would love to audition for a part in the next show.’

‘Hello. Thank you once again for an fab show!! Each time we are more excited and amazed at the progress of the kids! You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up! Madinas confidence has just shot up! ‘

‘What a show indeed! I just want to say thank you for putting together the production last night. My family totally enjoyed it. My daughter  was performing. She is very shy and I can now see she is coming out of her shell thanks to the confidence boast that this exposure has given her. I look forward to attend more productions from Streets Ahead’

‘It was amazing! Eliza loved it. An incredible show. Well done and thank you for all your hard work x’

‘The show was amazing, best ever! Think having a clear story to follow with songs linking it together as well as the break-out school dances really helped.’

‘Well done to all on yesterday’s amazing show!!  It was incredible.’

‘I also just wanted to say how beautiful all the singing was all the girls did. Matilda really smashed it, she brought tears to my eyes. ‘

‘Hi, last night’s show was amazing and we enjoyed watching every part of it! Thank you too.’

The show was brilliant! Super proud mum

‘We all really loved the show – after all of these years watching Streetzahead, this was indeed the greatest show yet!  It was by far the best performance by my daughter who loves these songs – which brought tears to my eyes!  Thanks so much to Liz especially who continues to be such a energetic, positive influence – completely passionate about what she does without a trace show biz ego!’

‘Congratulations on another great show. I am always amazed by how it all pulls together for the final show.’


Greatest Show on Earth Testimonials