On 26th November 2017 Streetz Ahead performed two shows of Ebenezer at 2pm & 7pm at The Arts Depot Finchley. They went on a journey with 300 local children aged between 4 – 16 yrs old, who danced and rapped their way to discovering the truth behind the wicked Ebenezer, written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav.

Streetz Ahead presents Ebenezer………

Cast A consisted of the following groups: Campsbourne, Millfield Major, Millfield Xtra, Oakhill School, St Andrews Boys, St Andrews Mini, St Andrews School,  St Marys & Trinity.

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Cast B consisted of the following groups: Coleridge, Millfield Xtra, Osidge Major, Osidge Mini, St Andrews Boys, St Andrews Girls, t Ignatius Major, St Ignatius Mini & St Pauls.

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Ebenezer Testimonials:

“I would like to say a big thank you for the amazing show on Sunday. I can see how much hard work the kids and you have put in .I don’t have the words to describe all my emotions (cry, smile) and I saw that into my daughter’s eyes as well((Ivanela).She was more then exited and she said:Mum I will never ever quit Street ahead and one day I will become and a dancing teacher.” How cute is that when I was a little I attended a dancing school for nearly 10 years snd I know what she means. Thanks again and I am so proud of you guys .I could see the kids they were dancing with their hearts .Xxxxxxx”

“My son regained a great deal of his self-confidence and his belief in his ability to work as part of a cohesive team. Street Dance taught him that he was allowed to shine and that not everywhere was run on institutional racism. Here is an environment where children of all shapes, sizes, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds could meet on grounds of true equality and learn to work not only harmoniously together but in support of each other and the greater wellbeing of the group. This charity makes a huge change in the lives of these children who will in turn help to continue to make changes for the better in our communities and society as a whole.”

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Streetz Ahead were also thrilled that the Haringey Mayor watched the 7pm show.

A fantastic show with a phenomenal cast! Well done to all the performers and backstage team plus all of the Autumn Term teachers.