Annual Awards & Dance Show

Annual Awards & Dance Show

This is the first time we have brought together all the students of Streetz Ahead for an afternoon to celebrate their achievements. The children performed their routines, received a medal and finished off with a celebratory disco. This took place in The Great Hall, Latymer School, Edmonton.

We were also overwhelmed with all the very moving speeches:

Award Winners

Our SAYIT (Streetz Ahead Youth Interactive Team) said:

” I thought it was really good and everyone must of proud of themselves because everyone is a winner.”


“Just wanted to say that today’s award show was very very special. The messages were on point, there was a real feeling of warmth and positivity in the room and the kids as always fabulous.”

Thank you all so much for coming and sharing our year with us, please watch our achievements for 2019!



We are delighted to announce that we will be uploading street dance tutorials with the latest street and hip hop dance moves.


Boogie Wonderland

Boogie Wonderland

On Sunday 15th July 2018, Streetz Ahead performed two shows of Boogie Wonderland at 2pm & 7pm at The Millfield Theatre. 300 local children danced their way through a physically energetic, fast paced dance, rap, comedy musical. The Boogie Master has lost her groove and The Whizz Kids are on a mission to help her find it with the help of The Fixers, but Evolon her evil sister and The Erks are stopping her every move.

Written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav with help from the Performing Arts Kids who gave ideas for the concept of the show

Streetz Ahead presents Boogie Wonderland………

Cast A consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club, Osidge Mini, St Andrews School, Millfield Mini, George Spicer, St Mary’s, Campsbourne, Osidge Major, Oakwood & Millfield Xtra.

Cast B consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club, St Andrews Mini, Oakhill, Millfield Major, St Andrews Breakers, St Francis, Coleridge, St Andrews Commercial, St Ignatius & Millfield Xtra.

Boogie Wonderland Testimonials:

Today’s show was fabulous.   Each one gets better and better. Your 3 lead performers were excellent.. very very professional! Well done!!! ❤❤❤x

Just wanted to say both Miller and Dylan’s dancing has taken me by surprise this time, you can see how much they’ve improved and their confidence has grown literally in leaps and bounds! They both love it and it shows!! Xxx

Our son has gained self-confidence, team working skills and improved his ability to concentrate not to mention that he has thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Great show yet again! Bar all the dance skills, confidence etc, my child has achieved chance to shine and friendship. Thank you as always. 

It was exceptional. My daughter from St Andrews performance was great. Her dance moves were great and learned a lot.

Awesome Show! Aarush loves Streetz Ahead.  Great confidence on the stage…Aarush has no fear of stage…. and great team skills. Many thanks Vijay( Mum)

Click here for more Boogie Wonderland Testimonials

A fantastic show with a phenomenal cast! Well done to all the performers and backstage team plus all of the summer term teachers.

My Two Weeks at Streetz Ahead

My Two Weeks at Streetz Ahead

My name is Laura Ellis and I’m 15 years old. I currently attend Enfield County School and chose Streetz Ahead for my year 11 Work Experience. I heard about Streetz Ahead from my mums friend who has children within the company and thought it sounded amazing. When I am older I am interested in owning my own business so gaining an insight into how this business is run has been very helpful. Throughout my two week experience I completed multiple tasks including all the organisation behind the business and the upcoming show. Whilst at Streetz Ahead I especially enjoyed helping with set design and even making my own prop! I also loved looking through the script and help edit it so a spectacular show can take place. Not only was I working in the office, but for both Tuesdays I attended the Millfield House to help assist with Auditions. This was a very enjoyable experience as I was a fresh opinion on roles for the kids so I could help assign roles for the show. Liz and Olivia have been amazing towards me and they have always been there if I was unsure or had any questions. I would most defiantly recommend Streetz Ahead for work experience and as a company in general. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and can’t wait to hopefully assist in the show and future classes.

Generation Blink

Generation Blink

This July, Streetz Ahead performed an original production of ‘Generation Blink’ written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav, which is a story of four generations struggling to live together in harmony. The ‘Gods’ are forced to visit earth and find a way to save humanity. Will the ‘Gods’ find a way to unite them and make them realize what is important in life?

Parent Testimonials:

“Amazing opportunity for children to explore themselves”

“Very good value for money charity where children are fun to watch and learning the skills of friendship and caring”

“Absolutely amazing very impressive by the quality of performance from the young people”

“Great opportunity for kids to grow in confidence and have fun”

“Brilliant confidence building it drives my child’s energy in the right direction”

“This a fantastic school which has developed my children and given them plenty of confidence”

“I think its great for kids absolutely love getting on stage and its boosts their confidence 100%”

“A brilliant all-inclusive confidence inspiring club that helps children to appreciate and embrace a love of dance and performing”



 Student Testimonials:

“I have really improved my dancing and now I feel more confident and not shy to perform in front of a big audience.”

“It was exciting and I made more friends.”

“I got more confident with my dancing.”

“I learned new steps.”

“It made me feel brave and cool.”

“I learned new things and being confident.”

“I really had fun dancing and I really want to do it again to become more confident.”

May Day Fair 2015

May Day Fair 2015

The May Day Fair is organised by Christ Church Southgate with the support of local organisations, including the ATC, scouts and local sports clubs. All of the surplus from the fair is donated to charity. This year the main beneficiary charity is the North London Hospice. Streetz Ahead performs at this fair every year, it was a great turn out, great weather and all for a great cause.



Work Experience Week

Work Experience Week

Streetz Ahead is a unique organisation offering young people an experience of dance and performance in an environment that is safe, secure and inspiring.

This week Streetz Ahead have provided a work experience week for 11 students from Heartlands Secondary School.

They have experienced Drama, Dance, stage management, lighting, filming, special effects make up and they will complete the course with a live performance.