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Ally Pally Street Dance Summer Camp

Ally Pally Street Dance Summer Camp

Throughout August the Alexandra Palace Creative Learning department ran a Summer Camp for young people, aged 8-14. These sessions, spread across the Park and Palace and covered street art, poetry, art and fashion.

The final week reached a spectacular finale with a series of street dance workshops, housed in the East Court and Theatre.

Streetz Ahead Artistic Director, Elizabeth Lahav, explains more:

Throughout the week we worked with the brilliant group of young people through street dance and physical movement. Our themes have been developed by an outreach Carbon Footprint discussion. The young people worked towards a final piece that encompassed their own messages around environmentalism. This included ‘Help’ ’Save the planet’ ’Think before you do’ ’Stop Help Change’ ‘My house’.

The young people were focused, energetic and cooperative. We wanted them to feel empowered because the piece is based on their own ideas of the climate and their own carbon footprint and what they can each do about it. The desired outcome was to create a piece that was organically formulated through the children’s experience, suggestions, feelings and responses. Stylistically, the finished piece was a dramatic blend of street dance, physical theatre and a message of fear and hope.

The final performance was brilliant to watch. It begins with paper aeroplanes which signifies pollution through flight, but also messages of hope that have been written on the aeroplanes. The young people fly their planes out into the air, spreading their pleas to others to save the planet. During the piece, the young people are angry because they respect and love the earth but have to compromise because of the current way of life.

The opportunity to work with a new group of young people in a new space with a stimulus created by the young people is essential to our development as an organisation.  We focus on the ever changing needs of young people and we must listen and respond.

Dance is such a beneficial art form for young people as it them develop a better understanding of themselves, both physically and mentally, as well as understanding others and the world around them. It encourages them to use their imagination and ideas to grow and create. It can build partnerships in diverse communities, help them to socially interact with others and develop their creativity, self-expression, innovation and self-confidence. These are key, transferable skills that all young people need and which the economy will demand in the future.

Annual Awards & Dance Show

Annual Awards & Dance Show

This is the first time we have brought together all the students of Streetz Ahead for an afternoon to celebrate their achievements. The children performed their routines, received a medal and finished off with a celebratory disco. This took place in The Great Hall, Latymer School, Edmonton.

We were also overwhelmed with all the very moving speeches:

Award Winners

Our SAYIT (Streetz Ahead Youth Interactive Team) said:

” I thought it was really good and everyone must of proud of themselves because everyone is a winner.”


“Just wanted to say that today’s award show was very very special. The messages were on point, there was a real feeling of warmth and positivity in the room and the kids as always fabulous.”

Thank you all so much for coming and sharing our year with us, please watch our achievements for 2019!



We are delighted to announce that we will be uploading street dance tutorials with the latest street and hip hop dance moves.


Streetz Ahead’s Got Talent

Streetz Ahead’s Got Talent

Streetz Ahead’s Got Talent on Sunday 14th July 2019 at the Millfield Theatre was a show full of dance, music and songs combined with real life stories of some of our inspirational children. The show was written & directed by Elizabeth Lahav with help from Sherona Knight as choreographer and produced by Olivia Wakeford. Filmed by Bez Gibson and photographed by Natalie Gee. Our fantastic dance teachers for the term were; Mikiel Bruce, Sherona Knight, Tashan Taylor & Taylor Agarrat. Thank you to our dance and performing arts assistants; Amanda Demby, Emilia Bosi, Jack Greaves, Laura Ellis, Sebastian Harry & Shelly Porter. We would also like to thank our backstage team and chaperones for their invaluable help.



“Thank you Liz and Olivia, we absolutely Loved the Streetz Ahead performance today, I loved our kids performance from Osidge Mini but also really enjoyed the other schools acts too, loved the videos of the different schools, really enjoyed learning about the kids and watching videos of why they love dance especially the video messages from the kids, beautiful and emotional videos of the kids who had cancer and from care homes (really brought a tear to my eye!), really beautiful and wonderful stories, this show I liked best because you guys created wonderful stories combined with funny and entertaining talents throughout and the dance just capped it off, brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed, well done for an amazing job (From Mo, Alaras dad in Osidge Mini) 💥👏👏👏🙌🙏😊”

for more testimonials please click here……..

Streetz Ahead’s Got Talent’s Testimonials

Outreach Projects: Dance Diamonds

Outreach Projects: Dance Giants

Inspiring Stories: Denisa

Inspiring Stories: Hazel



This March Streetz Ahead performed at The Millfield Theatre, Enfield with 300 local children, they danced their way through an adaptation of ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’. A story about whether Charlie’s dream comes true as he journeys through the chocolate factory retelling the famous story with an urban twist. Adapted and directed by Elizabeth Lahav.

Streetz Ahead presents ‘Charlie’……

Performing Arts Club

Cast Photos

Charlie Testimonials:

Olivia & Elizabeth you guys really delivered a outstanding performance. You can see the children so enjoy being on stage and being part of something bigger! Great job 

Charlie was great. Much better than I expected, and the use of dance for the scenes was a clever touch. Really enjoyed it – great Sunday evening entertainment 🙂

Found the show colourful, lively and energetic! What a fantastic way for the children to showcase their hardwork. Just wish the children from the schools e.g. Crowland, St Ignatius etc. had a little more time on stage throughout the show.

Amazing tonight! Our first experience of a StreetzAhead show! Fantastic talent, energy and gob-smacking props. Thank you! Kate, Giulia’s mum from Coleridge

Thank you so much for inviting us, we both really enjoyed it!! Was so lovely to see so many kids involved. And omg how cool is Ruby 😁 she’s got such a laid back stage presence it’s hard to imagine she’s only 8!

The show was great 👍 well done!! I loved it! So nice to see it through both my eyes!! There’s some excellent dancers there too! 

@streetzahead I went to watch both shows today and I loved every minute of it !!!  The children have worked so hard and it shows well done to everyone.

For more testimonials please see here:




Wolf – Children’s Hip Hop Theatre This February Half Term

Wolf – Children’s Hip Hop Theatre This February Half Term

Leicester Square Theatre – February 2019

Wolf is a fiery explosion of Hip Hop Dance, Physical Theatre and Rap performed by four kids who revitalise the tale of Wolf and the three pigs, with a contemporary new script. Tickets for Leicester Square Theatre are now on sale this February Half Term.

Book Tickets Here

Friday 15th February at 1pm

Saturday 16th February at 11am & 2pm

Sunday 17th February at 11am & 2pm

6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX, UK

020 7734 2222

Streetz Ahead are venturing out into the world of professional CHILDREN’S THEATRE. Elizabeth Lahav has spent 20 years in community arts teaching 500 children a week.  It is now her intention to use her knowledge and experience to bring inspiring theatre into the public eye with a gutsy show that will send you on a musical roller coaster alongside a story which deals with real life social issues of loss, hope and stereotypes.

Elizabeth, a BAFTA  dance advisor and , puts this unique production together that literally defies all protocols for Children’s Theatre.  Children are so often spoken to and taught by adults, it’s time for children to pass their own messages over to other children.

The dance tricks, original sound track and ‘off the wall’ choreography will send you on a musical roller coaster alongside the story, which deals with real life social issues of loss, hope and stereotyping. This enthralling, inspiring, gutsy show is going to BLOW the house down.

“A tale of true friendship, regardless of backgrounds or superficial stereotypes. Brilliantly performed by these four talented  children in ‘Wolf’ by @streetzahead”

“It was a brilliant show, entertaining both young and old with a powerful positive message. We’ll be back to watch it at the Dugdale Centre!”

“Amazing show – the children are so talented – enjoyed every minute – well done Elizabeth Lahav – very talented lady”

Photos by Leda Omran

Free School Workshops available contact us on info@streetzahead.org
or if you would like further information, please contact Elizabeth Lahav direct on liz@streetzahead.org.
Greatest Show On Earth

Greatest Show On Earth

This November Streetz Ahead performed at The Arts Depot, Finchley with 300 local children, they danced their way through an adaptation of ‘The Greatest Showman’. A powerful and passionate message about never giving up on your dreams. Adapted and directed by Elizabeth Lahav.

Streetz Ahead presents ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’……

Cast A consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club:

St Andrews Breakers, Osidge Major, St Andrews Commercial, Coleridge, St Andrews School, Osidge Mini, Oakwood, Millfield Mini & Millfield Xtra.

Cast B consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club:

St Andrews Breakers, Oakhill, St Paul’s, St Ignatius, George Spicer, St Andrews Major, Campsbourne, Millfield Major & Millfield Xtra.

Greatest Show on Earth Testimonials:

‘I just wanted to give you and your team a Big Thank You, for the support you have given. On the night of the show i was absolutely amazed and overwhelmed by my child’s performance and all the other children. But seeing her appear so confident and happy on the stage make me know she is in the right hands and company. I Thank You so much and I’m looking forward to the next show x’

‘We all really loved the show – after all of these years watching Streetzahead, this was indeed the greatest show yet!  It was by far the best performance by my daughter who loves these songs – which brought tears to my eyes!  Thanks so much to Liz especially who continues to be such a energetic, positive influence – completely passionate about what she does without a trace show biz ego!’

‘The kids you work with are so lucky to be part of Streetz Ahead with both you and Liz organising it all! Well done to you and the rest of the team involved too. It was a fab show! Xxx’

‘What I liked the most was to see the older children who were quite clearly talented, some of those kids performances were spectacular. I see them as huge role models for my daughter to aspire too. The young Afro/Caribbean girl was simply sensational as were the 3 main boys’. However it’s unfair to single those 4 out as they were all great.’

‘Wow what a show! One of the best Streetz Ahead have done! The little boy at the start was brilliant!

‘I had tears in my eyes at certain points esp the bearded lady song who was fab too!’

‘I LOVED that show. The first 5 mins was the best opening of a SA show that I have ever seen. Lovely to hear beautiful pure children’s voices singing. Amazing energy from everyone. Finale was full of love. Overall an amazing success’

‘WOW!! Love love LOVED the show. I saw every child have an amazing time. Every child seemed to shine. Beautiful. We left on such a high…. a sign of a great show. Xx’

‘It was incredible! What an amazing experience for the children too. They loved every minute of it. 12 hours and two shows later, they wanted to perform another one! Liz and Olivia, thank you, so very much, for realising your brilliant vision and truly caring for all the children participating xx’

‘Well done for an outstanding show. Wow! So so impressed with the way it was adapted & you have some really talented kids in your company. Wow.’

‘What an amazing performance last night! I can honestly say it was the best one yet! Well done to all the talented children, teachers and helpers, so fantastic to see them all grow and develop each term. Many thanks 👍x’

‘Hello. Thank you once again for an fab show!! Each time we are more excited and amazed at the progress of the kids! You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up! My child’s confidence has just shot up! ‘

‘What a show indeed! I just want to say thank you for putting together the production last night. My family totally enjoyed it. My daughter  was performing. She is very shy and I can now see she is coming out of her shell thanks to the confidence boast that this exposure has given her. I look forward to attend more productions from Streets Ahead’

Click here for more Greatest Show on Earth Testimonials.

Well done to all the students involved in our Autumn term and to all our amazing teachers, teaching assistants and all the amazing show day helpers.

Boogie Wonderland

Boogie Wonderland

On Sunday 15th July 2018, Streetz Ahead performed two shows of Boogie Wonderland at 2pm & 7pm at The Millfield Theatre. 300 local children danced their way through a physically energetic, fast paced dance, rap, comedy musical. The Boogie Master has lost her groove and The Whizz Kids are on a mission to help her find it with the help of The Fixers, but Evolon her evil sister and The Erks are stopping her every move.

Written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav with help from the Performing Arts Kids who gave ideas for the concept of the show

Streetz Ahead presents Boogie Wonderland………

Cast A consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club, Osidge Mini, St Andrews School, Millfield Mini, George Spicer, St Mary’s, Campsbourne, Osidge Major, Oakwood & Millfield Xtra.

Cast B consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club, St Andrews Mini, Oakhill, Millfield Major, St Andrews Breakers, St Francis, Coleridge, St Andrews Commercial, St Ignatius & Millfield Xtra.

Boogie Wonderland Testimonials:

Today’s show was fabulous.   Each one gets better and better. Your 3 lead performers were excellent.. very very professional! Well done!!! ❤❤❤x

Just wanted to say both Miller and Dylan’s dancing has taken me by surprise this time, you can see how much they’ve improved and their confidence has grown literally in leaps and bounds! They both love it and it shows!! Xxx

Our son has gained self-confidence, team working skills and improved his ability to concentrate not to mention that he has thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Great show yet again! Bar all the dance skills, confidence etc, my child has achieved chance to shine and friendship. Thank you as always. 

It was exceptional. My daughter from St Andrews performance was great. Her dance moves were great and learned a lot.

Awesome Show! Aarush loves Streetz Ahead.  Great confidence on the stage…Aarush has no fear of stage…. and great team skills. Many thanks Vijay( Mum)

Click here for more Boogie Wonderland Testimonials

A fantastic show with a phenomenal cast! Well done to all the performers and backstage team plus all of the summer term teachers.

Heartlands Work Experience 2018

Heartlands Work Experience 2018

This March Streetz Ahead hosted 15 students from Heartlands High school every day for a week of work experience in the Performing Arts. They experienced street dance, theatre, film making and spoken word at the Bruce Grove Youth Centre. They were also visited by professionals in the Performing Arts World.

The students also went to a professional recording studio at the Chocolate Factory where they wrote and recorded their own song.

On the last day they performed to an audience a 20 minute piece called ‘Choices’ where they brought together all the art forms they had learnt in the week.


Student Testimonial:

“I would like to personally thank you for giving me and the others this amazing experience to work with you. This week has been very fun, educational, and has encouraged me to be more confident, creating stronger bonds with my friends and classmates. I’m also thankful for how open-minded everyone was, and how the criticism was thoughtful and positive. It would be very difficult to pick a favourite day as all of them were equally as important to me: the poetry with Abe has taught me that words can have a powerful affect on someone depending on how they are said, the dancing with Wade has built up my courage to try something new, I’ve sort of always disliked dance until now, now i like it. The games we all played with you and Sherona such as musical bumps/statues or the racing group games were quite helpful in terms of helping me feel less nervous. In all honesty, I’m going to miss working with the staff, you all have opened many more pathways in my life and I’m grateful for that. I’ll be sure to keep in contact for the future.”

Short films by the students about choices:



Street Feet

Street Feet

On Sunday 18th March 2018, Streetz Ahead performed two shows of Street Feet at 2pm & 7pm at The Millfield Theatre. 300 local children danced their way through a physically energetic, fast paced dance and comedy show that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Streetz Ahead presents Street Feet………

Cast A consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club, Oakwood, George Spicer, St Andrews Mini, St Ignatius, Oakhill, Coleridge, Millfield Major, St Andrews School & Child’s Hill.

Cast B consisted of the following groups: Performing Arts Club, St Andrews Commercial, St Andrews Breakers, Osidge Mini, Millfield Xtra, Trinity, Campsbourne, Osidge Major & St Pauls.

Street Feet Testimonials:

Dear Streetz Ahead Olivia and Elizabeth once again thoroughly enjoyed the Street Feet show – both my children aged 8 and 9 loved taking part.  My youngest daughter was really nervous before the show but afterwards wanted to do it all over again.  Streetz Ahead helps to build my children’s confidence and also helps them bond together by practicing the routines at home. As parents we feel soooooo proud watching them take part in the shows (cheering too loud at times😄)

Firstly just to say the performance on Sunday was brilliant and Lily really enjoyed it.  Lily has struggled with her confidence when performing in front of an audience and we did have a few wobbles and tears when I dropped her off on Sunday.  But that was quickly overcome when she joined her group and to see her on stage enjoying herself was amazing – so thank you!

Wonderful community spirit. Every child smiles, looks happy, proud and confident. Many of the participants would never get to experience those feelings or have the opportunities provided without Streetz Ahead. A fantastic show, smiling from beginning to end. Every child should get to join in the magic of Streetz Ahead. Thank you and keep going!! xxx

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A fantastic show with a phenomenal cast! Well done to all the performers and backstage team plus all of the spring term teachers.

Award Winners

Award Winners

Streetz Ahead attended the Haringey Impact Award ceremony on Friday 24th November at The Tottenham Town Hall and were thrilled to win the award for ‘Improving the Lives of Young People in Haringey’. The whole day at the Haringey Expo was a fantastic networking opportunity and there were many great organisations in attendance, who were also award winners.

We were also over the moon to see one of our ex Streetz Ahead students Lamarr Richards winning an award with Woodside High.

Thank you to The Bridge Renewal Trust for a fantastic day.

Community Impact Award Winners




On 26th November 2017 Streetz Ahead performed two shows of Ebenezer at 2pm & 7pm at The Arts Depot Finchley. They went on a journey with 300 local children aged between 4 – 16 yrs old, who danced and rapped their way to discovering the truth behind the wicked Ebenezer, written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav.

Streetz Ahead presents Ebenezer………

Cast A consisted of the following groups: Campsbourne, Millfield Major, Millfield Xtra, Oakhill School, St Andrews Boys, St Andrews Mini, St Andrews School,  St Marys & Trinity.

Click here for more Cast A photos

Cast B consisted of the following groups: Coleridge, Millfield Xtra, Osidge Major, Osidge Mini, St Andrews Boys, St Andrews Girls, t Ignatius Major, St Ignatius Mini & St Pauls.

Click here for more Cast B Photos

Ebenezer Testimonials:

“I would like to say a big thank you for the amazing show on Sunday. I can see how much hard work the kids and you have put in .I don’t have the words to describe all my emotions (cry, smile) and I saw that into my daughter’s eyes as well((Ivanela).She was more then exited and she said:Mum I will never ever quit Street ahead and one day I will become and a dancing teacher.” How cute is that when I was a little I attended a dancing school for nearly 10 years snd I know what she means. Thanks again and I am so proud of you guys .I could see the kids they were dancing with their hearts .Xxxxxxx”

“My son regained a great deal of his self-confidence and his belief in his ability to work as part of a cohesive team. Street Dance taught him that he was allowed to shine and that not everywhere was run on institutional racism. Here is an environment where children of all shapes, sizes, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds could meet on grounds of true equality and learn to work not only harmoniously together but in support of each other and the greater wellbeing of the group. This charity makes a huge change in the lives of these children who will in turn help to continue to make changes for the better in our communities and society as a whole.”

Click here for more Ebenezer Testimonials

Streetz Ahead were also thrilled that the Haringey Mayor watched the 7pm show.

A fantastic show with a phenomenal cast! Well done to all the performers and backstage team plus all of the Autumn Term teachers.

My Two Weeks at Streetz Ahead

My Two Weeks at Streetz Ahead

My name is Laura Ellis and I’m 15 years old. I currently attend Enfield County School and chose Streetz Ahead for my year 11 Work Experience. I heard about Streetz Ahead from my mums friend who has children within the company and thought it sounded amazing. When I am older I am interested in owning my own business so gaining an insight into how this business is run has been very helpful. Throughout my two week experience I completed multiple tasks including all the organisation behind the business and the upcoming show. Whilst at Streetz Ahead I especially enjoyed helping with set design and even making my own prop! I also loved looking through the script and help edit it so a spectacular show can take place. Not only was I working in the office, but for both Tuesdays I attended the Millfield House to help assist with Auditions. This was a very enjoyable experience as I was a fresh opinion on roles for the kids so I could help assign roles for the show. Liz and Olivia have been amazing towards me and they have always been there if I was unsure or had any questions. I would most defiantly recommend Streetz Ahead for work experience and as a company in general. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and can’t wait to hopefully assist in the show and future classes.

Trinity School Fair 2017

Trinity School Fair 2017

On Friday 14th July Streetz Ahead opened the Trinity School Summer Fair with their ‘Generation Blink’ routine.

Trinity were funded by the Woodside Ward to participate in the Streetz Ahead Summer Term course which consisted of 8 weeks of learning a routine, performing in the ‘Generation Blink’ show on Sunday 2nd July at The Bernie Grant Arts Centre.

Matilda Theatre Trip

Matilda Theatre Trip

On Tuesday 11th July Streetz Ahead went on a West End Theatre Trip to see their very own Sebastian Harry perform the role of Tommy.

There were 32 members of Streetz Ahead including parents and they all wore turquoise bandanas to be united on the tube ride.


‘Matilda is full of hilarious moments & highly energetic with an incredibly talented cast. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. We highly recommend that you go and see it and ask us when you are going, so that we can let you know if Seby will be in it!’

Book Tickets Now

Generation Blink

Generation Blink

This July, Streetz Ahead performed an original production of ‘Generation Blink’ written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav, which is a story of four generations struggling to live together in harmony. The ‘Gods’ are forced to visit earth and find a way to save humanity. Will the ‘Gods’ find a way to unite them and make them realize what is important in life?

Parent Testimonials:

“Amazing opportunity for children to explore themselves”

“Very good value for money charity where children are fun to watch and learning the skills of friendship and caring”

“Absolutely amazing very impressive by the quality of performance from the young people”

“Great opportunity for kids to grow in confidence and have fun”

“Brilliant confidence building it drives my child’s energy in the right direction”

“This a fantastic school which has developed my children and given them plenty of confidence”

“I think its great for kids absolutely love getting on stage and its boosts their confidence 100%”

“A brilliant all-inclusive confidence inspiring club that helps children to appreciate and embrace a love of dance and performing”



 Student Testimonials:

“I have really improved my dancing and now I feel more confident and not shy to perform in front of a big audience.”

“It was exciting and I made more friends.”

“I got more confident with my dancing.”

“I learned new steps.”

“It made me feel brave and cool.”

“I learned new things and being confident.”

“I really had fun dancing and I really want to do it again to become more confident.”



In March 2017 Streetz Ahead performed ‘Matildz’ like you have never seen it before! A hip-hop adaptation of dance and rhyme with 200 talented young people – a fantastic show full of energy and hugely talented children.

Parent Testimonials

Thank you Olivia, Elizabeth, Harry, Kate and everyone at Streetz ahead for your hard work and efforts in putting on such an amazing show. From Olivia’s meticulous emails and reminders to Elizabeth’s creativity and imagination, everything was clearly well planned and enjoyed by parents, families and the children who took part. Thank you once again and can’t wait for the next show 🙂

Omg what a fantastic show tonight! So proud of all the children, we were completely blown away with the whole production and organisation! A huge thanks to Elizabeth Lahav & Olivia Lahav Wakeford and the entire Streetz Ahead crew for all their hard work! We have two exhausted kids here who I know will never forget their first ever stage performance! Who knows what lies ahead for them now they’ve got Streetz Ahead in their lives!

Congrats to you on a brilliant show! It was a fabulous performance – the children were all amazing – they had so much energy and talent, and looked like they were having a ball! It was so well organised too. Kenza thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being part of the show. Thank you!
When I saw my daughter in school I never expected such an amazing performance. Thank you so all organisers for their efforts and patient. I loved it!! 5 stars
Congrats on tonight’s fab show! The confidence you give the kids & the energy they bring to their performances is fantastic!
People couldn’t have been nicer. All the other parents and helpers made us feel very welcome and the children had a really great day.
Student Testimonials 

I really enjoyed being with my friends and I really enjoyed this term/I really liked it because it was fun/I like it when we do the shows and I want to do it every month/I loved everything/I feel proud/I love Streetz Ahead because it is active/Streetz Ahead is the best because you get to make new friends/I loved it and can’t wait till next term/It was the best term/It’s so much fun and I enjoy it a lot/I loved it /It was brilliant/Absolutely brilliant/Brilliant show thank you very much/Fantastic show as always.

Read lots more testimonials here!

Streetz Ahead Supporter Big Yellow

I am pleased to say I attended Saturdays show, with my plus one and we both agreed it was amazing. All your extremely good work and hard efforts, paid off. Well done. It’s such a wonderful thing for the kids to do gets them out the house off their games consoles and gets them socialising from such young ages. Again thank you for the invitations and I hope to attend future performances. Keep Up The Good Work Guys!!

Please see more photos by Carly Michael below: 

Matildz Photos

We like to support young people in their careers, so we had a film & media student called Day Gibson who put together a behind the scenes glimpse into a Streetz Ahead production.


Click here for a fantastic review by Exposure Magazine

Every production we produce a programme that includes all show information, including the cast and group names, check it out here:

Meet our UEL students!

Meet our UEL students!

Every year we are very fortunate to have students from The University of East London Dance, who are studying Urban Practices. These students come to us in their final term to volunteer as dance teaching assistants.


Please meet our current two students Efa and Charli








Both students are a great asset to our team and we hope we can work with them in the future as well.

If you are a dance student and would like work experience with Streetz Ahead please do contact us on info@streetzahead.org or 07956 987 387.




Enfield Parade of Lights

Enfield Parade of Lights


Streetz Ahead were invited to join the Parade of Lights in Enfield which circled 2 miles around Enfield Town. The kids sang out Matilda songs as they paraded down the streetz on their brightly lit up scooters – The Enfield Mayor even joined us for some cha cha slide ! What a fantastic event – we will back next year!

Haringey Expo & Community Impact Award

Haringey Expo & Community Impact Award

Streetz Ahead attended the Haringey Expo organised by the Bridge Renewal Trust and Haringey Council on Friday 25th November at the Tottenham Town Hall. A fantastic event full of thriving Haringey organisations, a chance to network and share ideas.

We did a dance demo which was great fun and a great way to warm up.

Then at the end of the day Streetz Ahead received a ‘Highly Commended’ award for ‘Improving the lives of children and young people in Haringey’


Haringey Voluntary and Community Expo gets off to a flying start

Haringey Youth Festival 2016

Haringey Youth Festival 2016

Streetz Ahead are on the Haringey Youth Festival board with Jacksons Lane, Mountview Theatre School and Haringey Shed. We have spent the year planning this years HYF, which was held at Northumberland Park School on Saturday 29th October.

The day consisted of workshops led by Project 7, National Youth Theatre & Wicked.


All the youth organisations that were in attendance then watched each others act during the tech and practiced the finale.


Then at 4pm the audience arrived and David Lammy who is the festivals patron, gave an opening speech.

The show was fantastic with a huge range of acts, here is Streetz Ahead’s medley from our show in Spring 2017 ‘Matildz’:

 Please read exposure magazine full review of the festival:


Enfield Town Show

Enfield Town Show

Streetz Ahead set up their pop up stall at the Enfield Town & Country Show on Sunday 25th September.
A chance to mingle with the amazing services, arts and crafts and activities available in Enfield.
Streetz Ahead did two workshops with students from their St Andrews group and also had karaoke available to try out.


Haringey Youth Festival Board

Haringey Youth Festival Board

Streetz Ahead are on the board of the Haringey Youth Festival and we met for the last time today before our next Festival on Saturday 29th October. The board consists of Haringey Shed, Mountview, Jacksons Lane and Streetz Ahead.


Each year we plan to bring together a varied combination of Haringey youth organisations as possible.
Our festival this year will be at Northumberland Park Secondary School. The participants get to meet other organisations in Haringey, attend three exciting workshops and then perform to an audience at 4pm. Streetz Ahead’s performing arts club will be presenting a medley of our next show ‘Matildz’.
For more information please contact haringeyfestival@gmail.com.
Here is last years promo:


Boom Box

Boom Box

In July 2016 Streetz Ahead performed ‘Boom Box’ at the Arts Depot – The show synopsis was

‘Come back in time with Streetz Ahead and 300 talented young dancers who will entertain you with their energetic dance routines and the very best music of the past century. The Performing Arts Club will rap and sing to you as they link the decades with this brand new musical written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav.’

Streetz Ahead produce three shows a year.

Please check out the photos by Leda Omran which are available to purchase:



Love No Evil Remixed

Love No Evil Remixed


This March Streetz Ahead performed ‘Love No Evil’ – A story about Geek boy who falls in love with the wrong person. He takes a journey overcoming many groups who try to stop him in his tracks. Will Fish Man persuade Boss Man to catch him? Will Fish Daughter abide by her fathers wishes, will the Jazzers blind him with their jazz hands? Will the Firestarters light up the sky? Will the Ravers stay awake all night? Will Cool Dude save his best mate?

Saturday 12th March @6pm Photos by Leda Omran

Sunday 13th March @2pm Photos by Leda Omran

Sunday 13th March @6pm Photos by Leda Omran

Performing Arts Club Photos by Brittany Rutt

Love No Evil by Brittany Rutt on Exposure

Spring Term 2016

Spring Term 2016


Streetz Ahead starts back week commencing Monday 4th January and we will be running a 10 week course leading towards a production of Love No Evil in March!! Please check out where we hold classes and register your child ASAP to guarantee a place:

Tottenham – We are based at the Haringey 6th Form College and we run a class at St Ignacious Primary School

Wood Green – North Haringey Primary School

Crouch End – Coleridge Primary School

Enfield – St Andrews Parish Centre

Southgate –  Osidge Primary School

Woodford – Oakhill Primary School

St Albans –  Oakwood Primary School


The course costs £53 which includes a 10 week course, to perform in a show, certificate and DVD.

FlashMob Fitness

FlashMob Fitness

This is a new and unique way of exercising designed by Streetz Ahead. We were successful in receiving funding to deliver flash mob fitness sessions to primary schools in Haringey and Enfield. In collaboration with Alexandra Palace and EMDP (Exercise Movement & Dance Partnership) all schools will flashmob at the Summer Festival at Alexandra Palace in July 2016 and attempt to break a world record!

We go into the schools that applied, teach up to 400 children at a time for 20 minutes every week for 6 weeks. We then leave a DVD for them to keep practising up until July 2016, when all the schools will come together and perform the same routine.

We have three fantastic helpers from University of East London to help us teach the routine to all the kids:

University of East London Students

We will keep uploading the routine for the kids to practise with:

“Our kids and teachers loved getting involved and the kids are all keen to practice. They are really looking forward to the next session. It also broke up the day nicely for a lot of classes learning in the classroom for the majority of the day. “
St Mary’s N8

” The kids had a great time and I must say so did the adults. It was so exciting for the children and a great opportunity for them to take part in. We are currently working towards our silver healthy school award and this is a great way to get the children active. There was a real buzz in the hall and the children behaved better than ever in the hall as they were all so engaged. One member of staff even got emotional watching the children as she found it quite overwhelming.”

St Ignacious, N15

Thriller Flash Mob

Thriller Flash Mob

Streetz Ahead thrilled unexpected shoppers in Morrisons Palmers Green today, to promote Palmers Scream on Saturday 31st October 5.30-7pm. They were FANTASTIC and the audience were amazed and all had their cameras out!

Check us out on……….

Palmers Green Community News

Enfield Town Market Launch

Enfield Town Market Launch


Streetz Ahead performed at the launch of the newly refurbished Enfield Town market on Saturday 3rd October.  They drew the crowd in and did a musical medley. A fantastic performance for a fantastic launch.


Hairzpray will be performed on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th December at The Haringey 6th Form Centre.






Annie Meets Ollie

Annie Meets Ollie


Streetz Ahead celebrates 20 years of dance and performance with this adaptation of Annie and Oliver, written and directed by Elizabeth Lahav.

The musical will showcase 250 young performers, original soundtracks, script and electrifying street dance. The 11 week course ended with a performance on Sunday 5th July at The Arts Depot, Finchley. Photos taken by Leda Imran.


May Day Fair 2015

May Day Fair 2015

The May Day Fair is organised by Christ Church Southgate with the support of local organisations, including the ATC, scouts and local sports clubs. All of the surplus from the fair is donated to charity. This year the main beneficiary charity is the North London Hospice. Streetz Ahead performs at this fair every year, it was a great turn out, great weather and all for a great cause.



Streetz Ahead Photoshoot

Streetz Ahead Photoshoot

Streetz Ahead were asked to be involved in the launch of the new Victim Support website.

We were so proud of the children who volunteered as they were exceptionally polite, professional and really got stuck in with the shoot.

Here are the  results:

Photos taken by Catriona Gray:

Work Experience Week

Work Experience Week

Streetz Ahead is a unique organisation offering young people an experience of dance and performance in an environment that is safe, secure and inspiring.

This week Streetz Ahead have provided a work experience week for 11 students from Heartlands Secondary School.

They have experienced Drama, Dance, stage management, lighting, filming, special effects make up and they will complete the course with a live performance.

Worlds Ahead – Week 5 Rehearsal Videos

Worlds Ahead – Week 5 Rehearsal Videos


Oakwood (Mondays 3.20-4.20pm) Oakwood Primary School, St Albans

Teacher: Liz

Ferry Lane  (Tuesdays 3.30-4.30pm) Ferry Lane Primary School

Teacher: April

Osidge Mini (Tuesdays 3.30-4.30pm) Osidge School, Southgate

Teacher: Liz

Osidge Major (Tuesdays 4.30-5.30pm) Osidge School, Southgate

Teacher: Liz

Osidge Max (Tuesdays 4.30-5.30pm) Osidge School, Southgate

Teacher: Jakub

Osidge Xtra (Tuesdays 3.30-4.30pm) Osidge School, Southgate

Teacher: Jakub

Bronze Class (Tuesdays 6-7pm) Haringey 6th Form Centre

Teacher: Zak & Liz

Silver Class (Tuesdays 6-7pm) Haringey 6th Form Centre

Teacher: Jamie

Gold Class (Tuesdays 7-9pm) Haringey 6th Form Centre

Teacher: Zak

Oakhill Mini (Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm) Oakhill Primary School

Teacher: Gracie

Oakhill Major (Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm) Oakhill Primary School

Teacher: April

Harris (Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm) Harris Primary School

Teacher: April

Campsbourne (Thursdays 3.45-4.45pm) Campsbourne Primary School

Teacher: April

St Andrews Mini  (Fridays 4.15-5.15pm) St Andrews Parish Centre

Teacher: Liz

St Andrews Major  (Fridays 4.15-5.15pm) St Andrews Parish Centre

Teacher: Shadee

St Andrews Max  (Fridays 4.15-5.15pm) St Andrews Parish Centre

Teacher: Zak

Coleridge (Fridays 3.30-4.30pm) Coleridge Primary School

Teacher: April


Worlds Ahead Mar 2015

Worlds Ahead Mar 2015

This term, we will be working towards a street dance fashion show where the participants will learn street dance routines in a cat walk style.  The course is for 10 weeks and the show will be on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22 March.

Each group will have a theme relating to a fashion capital/country. Rehearsal videos will be available on our website.
WORLDSAHEAD09Tickets are available to buy via this link:


Narnia December 2014

Narnia December 2014

Streetz Ahead presents ‘Narnia’, a magical adaptation of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. A story of four children who have been evacuated out of London to escape the war and sent to live in a large country home, looked after by a professor. They discover an old wardrobe full of secrets and it leads them to a mystical land called Narnia. 200 young performers from local schools come together to perform with a cast of 17 young actors who tell the story through dance and movement.


BNNL Christmas Fair

BNNL Christmas Fair

The wonderful ‘Business Networking North London – BNNL’ have raised £137 at this event and have donated it to Streetz Ahead. This will fund 3 of our students for the 2015 Spring Term. We are over the moon and extremely grateful. Thank to all those who supported our charity.
BNNL Christmas Fair
Back to Basix July 2014

Back to Basix July 2014

Streetz Ahead are literally going ‘Back to Basix’ and returning to pure street dance. We have invited guest street dance crews, including some of our Streetz Ahead teachers as inspiration. Many of our Streetz Ahead members stay with us for years and eventually become our assistant teachers. We are proud to give them the opportunity to join dance crews and eventually the possibility to become teachers.